The Pirates of the Caribbean: Where are They Now?

Pirates are a topic that is nearly inseparable from the sea, and the sea is an arena in which pirates were able to prove their worth. Pirates came to exist out of the need for colonies to be supplied with goods they could not produce themselves. Pirates were able to prove their worth by providing […]

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Who were some famous pirates?

Pirates are a group of people who engage in unauthorized versions of copyright material, mostly in the form of music, movies or books. The term comes from the old trade practice of looting treasure hidden on ships. Piracy has always existed in some form or another, but it’s become more widespread and sophisticated with the […]

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Are there pirate movies nowadays?

Many people have mentioned that piracy is a huge issue. If we think of the number of movies and music that are pirated on the internet, it’s easy to see why this is such an important topic. Pirates, especially those on land, often attack ships for their large cargoes. They would then sell these goods […]

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